Monday, 17 June 2013

Truegreen-An extract of nature

Truegreen-An extract of Nature

Nature is a god’s most beautiful gift to mankind. It is made up of several such essential ingredients, the absence of which can cause hamper the life-cycle. As we are moving towards the mid of the 21st century, understanding the sensitivity of the nature is very necessary at this point of time. Our environment is suffering from ages by the human’s continuous negligence and over-exploitation of the resources which are scarce and non-renewable, thus causing pollution. Plastic is one such thing which is made of scarce petroleum products and are the main cause of Pollution. Today we are completely surrounded by plastic products and thus it is called as the “Plastic Age”. “Truegreen” products made of Biolice® which is a bio-compostable polymer & is eco-friendly and it proves to be a high quality alternative to ordinary plastics for flexible applications such as bags, agricultural and industrial films and rigid thermoformed and shaped extruded products - ideal for the packaging industry. After use and disposal it is broken down by micro-organisms and produces humus.
Truegreen products will be revolution for the humankind and will help in reducing the carbon footprints which is the major cause of concern for UN as they are not using any non-renewal petroleum extract but also removes the chances of death of animals. The sea animals in the coastal areas which got dead every year in large numbers and this drastic human invention(plastic) has let the sea life-system to put an end can get a new life hope with this amazing corn-based Truegreen products.

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